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Creating outstanding pastry and chocolate products requires an ongoing quest for inspiration, attention to detail, technical precision, and the invaluable guidance of experienced professionals.
Billed annually, our VIP Subscription is not just our most comprehensive learning option, with 90 recipes and 40 classes, 6 included Online Live Classes, an exclusive 25% discount on our Hands-On Courses, 50% on all On-Demand Classes, and lifetime access to your materials.
Our most comprehensive subscription plan now offers Chef Melissa Coppel’s consulting service. Send her your recipes, and she will test their AW, providing formulation advice to help you achieve the standards you strive for in all your confections and chocolates.

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Subscription Monthly BASIC

With our Basic Subscription, explore new decadent confections every month with 50 recipes and two(2) included classes (after two months of subscription), including Chef Melissa Coppel's famous enrobed and molded bonbons and pastry specialties from our guest chefs.

In addition, you will receive 30% in all new On-Demand recipes, 15% off all new On-Demand Classes, Online-Live Guest Chef Classes and E-books, and 25% off all Vegan Recipes.

Get inspired by a community of professional chefs with our Basic Subscription. Our Chef Support and Forum are here to answer all your questions about classes and recipes in a space designed just for you, where knowledge and professional support come together to help you bring your creations to life.

Our new BASIC Monthly payment subscription benefits include:

New Courses Monthly

• 30% Off New On Demand Recipes
• 15%Off New On-Demand Classes
• 15%Off Online-live Classes
• 15%Off Ebooks
• Email and Forum Support