Brown Butter & Cinnamon Toast Candy Bars

Beurre noisette (brown butter) is French for “hazelnut butter.” In this On-Demand Candy Bar recipe, Chef Melissa takes this as her cue to create a decadent, nutty brown butter and hazelnut chewy caramel. She tops it off with a nostalgic crisp made with one of our favorite cereals: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Each bar is then covered in chocolate, creating a delicious eating experience full of warm flavors, complementary textures, and our love of traditional candy bars!

Decadent Candy Bars

In this Online Live Class, Chef Melissa Coppel turns chocolate bars into a conduit for flavor exploration! Using intriguing combinations reminiscent of childhood favorites, popular recipes, and even savory classics, Chef Melissa creates recipes that inspire you to transform your favorite flavors into bold products. 

The class will cover 3 recipes, starting with “Hazelnut Almond Praliné followed by  Brownie, and Coffee Ganache and Marshmallow “Tarts”. It will also explore more complex flavor profiles, such as an Italian-inspired “Strawberry Parmesan and Balsamic Bar” and an American-German-inspired “Pretzel Praliné and Beer Caramel Bar”. Whether it’s alcoholic beverages, snacks, cheeses, or more “traditional” sweets, this class takes quirky ingredients and reimagines the flavors we traditionally associate with chocolate products to create delicious results.

Hazelnut Rocher

These rochers are inspired by Chef Melissa’s obsession with hazelnuts. They are crunchy, nutty, and easy to customize. If the ultimate Ferrero Rocher is what you or your customers are craving, look no further, this is it!


PB & Jelly Tarts and Rochers

In this class, Chef Melissa Coppel brings you her crunchy, peanut-rich, and slightly tangy Peanut Butter and Jelly Tarts. These milk chocolate-based treats layer a raspberry compote instead of the traditional grape PB&J jam, a rich peanut butter ganache, and crunchy pillows of Rice Krispies Peanut Butter Crisp.

The best part? No leftovers! The class will provide a quick, delicious, and waste-free Peanut Butter Crisp Rocher recipe that you can wrap, sell, or share to brighten anyone’s day. A sophisticated and fun pair of treats with the nostalgic touch of all the recipes that make us feel warm and comforted! And if you’re still perfecting your chocolate shells, Chef Melissa gives you a rundown of all the steps and tricks to consider when making this essential piece of any chocolate confection.


Recipe Versatility Class

A great recipe can go a long way. Nothing beats taking our favorite confections and seeing how many new products we can make with them. In this Smart Production class, Chef Melissa Coppel mixes and matches three of her favorite preparations –ganaches, marshmallows, and caramels– and rearranges them into 5 distinctive and flavorful recipes. Expect to learn how to create a wonderful spread of “Twix” chocolate bars, a caramel macchiato tart, a caramel tart, a tea caramel and cookie chocolate bar, and an Oreo whoopie pie with just these three components. A few base recipes, a thousand possibilities!


Rice Krispies Mendiants

Rice Krispies Treats meets chocolate “mendiants” in this fun, crunchy, long-shelf life recipe created by Chef Andres Lara. By merging one of America’s favorite cereals and the traditional French bite-sized chocolate coins (traditionally topped with nuts), the recipe achieves a phenomenal contrast between the delicate airiness of caramelized puffed rice grains and the richness of hazelnut praliné and milk chocolate. Combined, these simple ingredients create a rustic, well-rounded, and fun confection which can serve as inspiration for many other creations like “arroz con leche” ice cream and so much more!

Apricot Gianduja Bars


With a small touch of tang, a bright color, and a delicious taste that’s made it a classic in French galettes and so much more, apricots are the center of attention in this dessert bar. But, the equation wouldn’t be complete without our absolute favorite: hazelnuts, of course! So what better way to contrast the apricot pâte de fruit in these bars than with a luxurious gianduja and some crunchy pieces of caramelized hazelnuts? A match made in heaven!

Incredible Marshmallows

Whenever marshmallows enter the equation, fun’s on the way. But let’s face it, their quirky looks and the pleasure we get from squishing them can’t hide the fact marshmallows often need a flavor boost. In her newest On Demand recipes, Chef Melissa brings you a fantastic array of flavored marshmallow recipes that are here to make us remember why we love them in the first place. A PB&J marshmallow recipe sets the tone for other three confections evoking bonbons, like her enrobed vanilla, rose, and Oreo marshmallow. Chef Melissa’s marshmallow recipes are a true creative quest capable of turning these chewy and spongy treats into something bold!

Pistachio Cherry Bars

Layers of unctuous pistachio praliné come together with a tangy cherry compote in our latest On Demand Video chocolate bar recipe. The result is an end product of impecable texture and flavor profile… paired with all the knowledge to make it happen. 

Allow Chef Melissa to use this spirited recipe, inspired by the flavors of Iranian cuisine, as the perfect occasion to share with you the fundamentals of pre-crystallizing fat-based fillings, fruit puree fabrication, and the different varieties and applications of pectin. 

Recorded in HD and showing you all the steps, ingredients, and details; this production-friendly recipe incarnates our school’s philosophy of sharing knowledge and creativity with generosity!

Panning 2.0 by Melissa Coppel

Everything can be condensed in a dragée. These shelf-stable and visually appealing small chocolate spheres are the perfect gateway to learning everything about pâtes de fruits, dujas, caramelized nuts, natural food powders, and (of course) about panning.

In this reinvention of our On Demand Panning class, Chef Melissa brings forward bold flavors such as matcha and passion fruit to invigorate all-time classics like caramelized hazelnuts, pistachios, and the traditional PB&J. The result is a series of bites brought to life by colorful natural powders, as well as layered textures, that are simply mouthwatering and ideal for any chocolate business!