Honey, Pecan and Blueberry Granola

Our School’s Special Granola by Melissa Coppel

Did you know that at the Melissa Coppel Chocolate and Confectionery School we make a mean granola? So good, in fact, that some people don’t even stop by to try our chocolates: they come all the way to our store for our Piemonte, Piña Colada, Rose and Lychee, or Plain Honey Granola. We also give this hearty granola to our students for breakfast in all of our Hands-On classes. 9 times out of 10, they end up asking for the recipe – so here it is! This simple and flavorful granola with hints of cinnamon, honey, blueberry and cherry can be made in 5 minutes and is the best companion to any yogurt bowl in sight. Or a real asset to your shop. Forget store-bought granola (which is insanely sweet or, at best, kinda okay): this is truly one of the prides and joys of our school!


English Toffee

Relaxed and rustic, English toffee is characterized by its rich and chewy traditional caramel notes. Chef Andrés brings you his version, this time with some peanuts to add texture and flavor to this crowd-pleasing British confection. Perfection or symmetry is not the goal here: we are looking for organic pieces of toffee bark dipped in dark chocolate, made to bring a moment of joy to your customers and loved ones!


Recipe: Raspberry Gummies

These raspberry gummies from Andrés Lara are the perfect addition to any petit four, but they’re also fantastic when you’re craving a tart, fruity candy that reminds you of the Sour Patch Kids we love to have at the movies! This gummy recipe is made with raspberry purée and extract, giving it a vibrant color and fresh flavor that pairs really well with either a sweeter taste (if you roll them in sugar) or an extra sour punch (if you roll them in citric acid!). These gummies are easy and fun to make, making them the perfect way to start your confectionery journey!


Citrus Gummy Bears

Few things scream good times like a good bag of gummy bears. And when they’re sour, even better! Chef Andres shares his foolproof recipe for these fun lime gummies that pack a delicious, citrusy, punch. This is the perfect pick-me-up for everyone and a fantastic way to start your confectionery journey!

Peanut Nougat

With this lime and caramel recipe we jump from Chef Yamanouchi’s enrobed bonbons, to the best of his molded pieces. These green sprayed semi-spheres are filled with a rich and aromatic lime and caramel ganache (with subtle hints of brown butter) which you can easily make your own by using your favorite type of honey.

In the recipe, you will also learn Yamanouchi’s unique paint seeding technique, as well as all his secrets for making sprayed shells that look impeccable and colorful -even when you want to make them with dark chocolate.


Strawberry & Tropical Pâte de Fruits

For a smooth and fresh new year, we kick things off with our newest pâte de fruits recipe. This bi-layered version merges a red tangy layer of strawberry paste with a yellow sweet banana and mango one. The perfect combination of tropical and berry notes to create a one-of-a-kind confection!

Tanzanie Chocolate Ice Cream


You scoop a generous serving of this ice cream, you try it, and immediately the depth and unctuousness of 75% dark chocolate rises to coat your palate. Chef Andrés Lara brings you another one of his decadent ice creams, this one topped with fudge brownie pieces and a rich flavor and texture inspired by Cacao Barry’s Tanzanie chocolate. Simply unbeatable!

Pistachio and Saffron Chewy Caramels


The first records of caramel making go as far as 1000 AD and have all been found in the Middle East: a territory of beautiful flavors like saffron and pistachio.

These caramels by Chef Melissa integrate those components to make chewy fragrant confections with a touch of rose extract. The result is a long shelf-life bite of wonderful textures, colors, senses and history that is perfect for selling in your shop or savoring at home!

Chewy Cacao Nib Caramels


Nibs are the ultimate way to experience cacao. Because of their bitterness and fun texture, they always seem to invite us to combine them with creamy, unctuous, and sweet products. In this recipe, we added them to boost the chocolate taste and bring a unique texture to this chewy chocolate caramels. Rustic but refined, simple, indulgent, and absolutely delicious! We are sure this caramels will blow your mind!.

Chocolate and Cacao Nibs Nougat | On-Demand Recipe


In this Nougat recipe we decided to combine two of our greatest passions: French confectionery and Chocolate. The chewiness of nougat, the richness of chocolate, and the added texture and depth of flavor of toasted hazelnuts and cacao nibs makes this recipe an absolute stand-out that will leave your clients wondering why they had never tried something like this before. And with good reason: when these two confection classics merge, magic happens.