Passion Fruit & Coconut Molded Bonbons

Are you looking to perfect your molded bonbons and give them a tropical twist?
Chef Melissa’s Passion Fruit and Coconut Molded Bonbons are the perfect (crunchy, creamy, and tangy) opportunity to do so!
Unveil all the secrets to tempering cacao butter colors to turn your bonbons into edible art pieces with thin, crisp shells.
Then it’s time for the filling: make a zingy passion fruit compote and learn the importance of using the right pectin in your fruit-based recipes.
Chef Melissa’s passion fruit and milk chocolate ganache not only gives these bonbons a creamy, fruity touch. It also helps you perfect the different steps of pre-crystallization, temperature control, and emulsification you need to make stable ganaches using the cold method.
Finally, a layer of toasted coconut praliné turns your bonbons into a textural joy and Chef Melissa’s into a loving tribute to her childhood flavors.
We could have called these bonbons “We love passion fruit with a passion.” That’s how much we love them.
Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your bonbons. Enroll in this thrilling and comprehensive masterclass now!

Cassis and Parmesan Bonbon

Some treats come from the most unexpected places. Well, we have Cacio e Pepe to thank for these ones! Chef Melissa’s latest molded bonbons showcase the saltiness – and slight heat – of a crunchy Parmesan cookie and the intense sweetness of a deep purple cassis and cherry ganache. The recipe includes all the steps for making the shells, pre-crystallizing the colors, and decorating the molds: truly exceptional!


Black Truffle and Honey Molded Bombons

Pairing savory ingredients with dark chocolate can always lead to pleasant surprises. Chef Melissa’s Black Truffle Bonbons create a sophisticated balance around this prized ingredient, with the bitterness of black chocolate and a dollop of honey for a drop of intense sweetness. These bonbons stand out immediately, have a long-shelf life, and can be easily turned into a plant-based recipe! The recipe includes step-by-step instructions on how to make your own cocoa butter colors, pre-crystallize them, and spray-paint them to get perfectly glossy shells.


Tiramisù Molded Bonbons

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats two essentials: chocolate and Tiramisù. So why not combine them? In this On-Demand recipe, Chef Melissa plays with a Marsala custard for a fragrant ganache that recalls the mascarpone layers of this sweet Italian wonder. Then, for the coffee element, the bonbons come with a hint of crunch with her almond coffee praliné. All of these flavors and textures are soaked by a small insert of biscuit joconde instead of the traditional ladyfingers.

In this class, Chef Melissa will also share with you all the essential steps you need to take when spray-painting and decorating your molded bonbons: from a spray chart detailing how to prepare your colors and pre-crystallize them, to how the temperature of the room you’re working in and of the molds affect the gloss and finish of your shells!


Mojito Molded Bonbons


Did you know the word “Mojito” means “little magic”? No wonder this cocktail has taken us under its spell… Let’s make a toast then with Chef Melissa’s new festive and fresh On-Demand Mojito Bonbons recipe!

The aromatics of mint and lime zest level out the punch of dark rum in this deep and bright ganache; the perfect recipe to celebrate the end of the year (or any occasion really) with the iconic flavors of one of our favorite drinks! The recipe also comes with all the steps to achieve a perfectly glossy spray-painted decoration and finish that evokes the sophisticated and laid back nature of this fantastic Cuban cocktail.

Irish Coffee Bonbons


Irish coffee holds the key for the perfect bonbon recipe. It has a boozy, and yet unctuous, base provided by a healthy dose of scotch and cream-based liquor: Baileys. However, the earthiness of coffee is responsible for adding sophisticated and full-bodied notes to the recipe. Classic but also exciting, it was just a matter of time before Chef Melissa developed her own ganache version of this fantastic coffee drink and shared it with you.

This versatile recipe can be also made into a simple and delicious coffee ganache, so you can decide whether to take a more classic route, or add some spunk to your bonbons! The book also comes with full painting instructions and a spray chart to help you make every single detail of your bonbons stand out!

Crème Brûlée Molded Bonbons by Melissa Coppel

It’s safe to say that crème brûlée holds a special place in everyone’s heart! So, naturally, merging this custardy and crunchy perfection of a dessert with chocolate felt like the sensible thing to do. 
The filling for this bonbon is made of a creamy, orange and vanilla-infused white chocolate ganache. The best part? We have included small pieces of caramel inside the ganache to get that cracking, satisfying texture balance that has made this French classic a true joy to order and eat time and time again.

Creativity Process Class by Melissa Coppel


Have you ever wondered what it takes to come up with fun, creative, and bold recipes? What it takes to ground your vision and take a step back when necessary to create something that’s a bit edgy, but that never forgets that flavor and texture always come first? Then this Class is for you!
Here, Chef Melissa will share her personal notes as she dissects the thought-process behind three of her newest recipes: a Cherry Cheesecake, an Espresso & Croissant, and an Apple & Cheddar Pie Dessert Bars -or larger format bonbons, if you wish. From trial and error to her inspiration behind these striking pieces, this class is an invitation, an inquiry, to take a look at what inspires you, what you love to eat, what surrounds you…so you can create   new chocolate pieces without fear, but always with awareness!
In this class you will also learn how to spray and make the most beautiful chocolate shells, making it a personal, practical, and knowledgeable experience. We know you will simply love it!

Snickers Dessert Bars

With a mesmerizing rippled shell, Chef Melissa brings you a dessert bar inspired by our favorite peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate treat: Snickers. To the already crunchy peanut duja layer that gives this all-time comfort snack its distinctive flavor, we add a layer of feuilletine to enhance the texture of the filling. Our perfectly balanced vanilla bean soft caramel also shares the spotlight in this dessert bar. In addition to being the perfect nostalgic recipe for mastering peanut butter and caramel, this recipe includes a step-by-step guide to pre-crystallizing the chocolate, making the dessert bar shells, and painting them, so you can bring these bars to perfection.


  • Spray chart | Melissa Coppel Design
  • Soft Caramel
  • Caramelized Nuts
  • PB Duja

Lime Caramel Ganache Molded Bonbons

Delicately dotted with silver flakes on its shell, this bonbon hides a bright and creamy inside. In this recipe, Chef Melissa brings you a long shelf lime caramel ganache that keeps reminding us the wonders a little citrus tang can do for milk chocolate and the slightly smokey notes of caramel. The recipe also includes all the steps and ingredients necessary to make and decorate this bonbon’s shell, giving you a solid, refined, and delicious recipe that’s one of our favorites!