Gluten Free Grandma’s Apple Cake

The taste and memories behind family recipes are indescribable. Good thing we can eat them over and over again, though. Andrés shares with you his abuelita’s (grandma’s) best apple cake recipe made with green apples and an unbeatable topping of almond crumble, to help you offer your customers -gluten free or not- a comforting yet carefully thought-out crowd pleaser that tastes like home. But even better.


Plum Cake

Comforting, delicate, but with the right texture and nutty taste to give it spunk, this Plum Cake is Chef Andrés Lara’s latest On Demand Recipe. Three simple components -a dried prune mix, a hazelnut batter, and a sweet dough- elevate the earthy notes of nuts and dried fruits, the airiness of a perfect cake crumb, and the crumbliness of a buttery sablée base. Minimum effort for maximum taste: this cake is a nostalgic delight that celebrates the simple beauty of rustic cakes.

Healthy Banana Bread

We believe that dessert should be for absolutely everyone! Avoiding refined sugars should not be a reason to stop treating yourself or your customers with delicious and hearty sweets. This is why we came up with this healthy banana bread that is moist, rich in flavor, and made with 0 refined sugars: an ideal option for a decadent breakfast option or a delicious and mindful dessert.

Pistachio Petit Beurre

This recipe captures the essence of our recipes: simple, sophisticated and flavor-forward. The crumb and flakiness of this elegant petit beurre cookie and the crunch added by freeze-dried cherries, in combination with a layer of rich salted pistachio duja, create a perfectly balanced product of bold and elegant taste. A creation your clients will praise both for its flavor and presentation

Kougelhopf with Thai Banana and Caramel Chocolate

Chef Andrés Lara brings you this festive and traditional yeasted bread, popularized by Marie Antoinette and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. Bathed in clarified butter, this regal Kugelhopf is a true joy to eat. Filled with specks of Thai dried bananas and Zéphyr Caramel 35% Chocolate, it is dusted with sugar for an extra touch of indulgence.

Stollen with Macerated Dried Fruit and Marzipan Center

A German Christmas classic, Stollen is one of those breads whose complexity, aromatic profile, and warming taste never ceases to amaze us. In this recipe, on top of macerating the bread’s dry fruit, we prepare a one-of-a-kind soft marzipan to make sure we bring forward each ingredient’s potential and create a Stollen that is just remarkable. This is an exceptional bread that will make your customers feel celebrated whenever they eat it.

Chocolate Petit Beurre

We pay homage to one of the most beloved French cookies, the petit beurre, and turn it into an even more decadent treat by pairing it with a layer of creamy and salty Gianduja.

A few caramelized hazelnuts and a little gold leaf to finish these petits beurres and what was once a humble cookie becomes a sophisticated and delicious preparation your customers will love.

Sablée Dough

Sablée dough is so good we often forget how easy and versatile it is, but also how important it is to master it. Buttery, crumbly, and with just the right amount of sweetness; this French classic takes the humblest or the most elaborate of recipes and grants them a richness and elegance that is simply unmistakable. Learn all the tricks to get a fantastic crumbly dough every time and use it for your cookie bars and tarts, or as an unexpected but scrumptious crunchy element to add to your bonbon fat-based fillings. We give you the recipe, you make the magic happen!

Brioche with Caramelized Apples and Miso Butter

This brioche with caramelized apples and miso butter speaks for itself. It is a showstopper made to surprise your customers and their palates. Buttery, sweet and with just the right amount of salt and umami, this recipe is made to exceed everyone’s expectations. This is the perfect product to make your shop stand out and an invitation to make your own inventive creations!

Buttermilk Blueberry Pie

An ambitious recipe that celebrates the best features of some American classics: custard, crumble, and blueberry pie. We start with a traditional creamy and airy cheesecake, then elevate it with the nuttiness and added texture of our buckwheat crumble. These layers of texture and rich flavor, combined with some vibrant fresh blueberries, bring this fantastic tart to visual and flavor perfection.