Jams, Spreads & Coffee Cakes

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Class: Jams, Spreads & Coffee Cakes

Turn your favorite seasonal fruits into the most decadent jams! After all, who isn't crazy about them?
And for those of you who want to offer a wider variety of products, this class will also include some crazy delicious spreads.

First, you will learn all the basics about ingredients: how to choose your fresh fruits and purees, the differences between different pectins, the different types of sugars and how to substitute them, the PH and fiber content of fruits, and more.

Then learn about flavor combinations and the addition of spices and inclusions. Finally, learn about storage, shelf life and unique packaging ideas for your final product.

A wide variety of jams, marmalades and water/fat spreads will be made during this two-day online class, plus some surprise cakes and treats!

  • Cherry Rose and Vanilla Bean Jam
  • Apricot, Madras Curry and HazelnutJam
  • White Peach and Almond Jam
  • Passion, Mango and Pineapple Jam
  • Grape fruit and Saffron Jam
  • Blood Orange Lime and Jasmine TeaJ am
  • Vanilla Salted Caramel Spread
  • Zéphyr 35% Peanut butter and Banana Spread
  • Chocolate Hazelnut “Nutella” Spread
  • Hazelnut Prune Cake
  • Toasted Almond and Blueberry Coffee Cake
  • Vanilla Bean Scones

What is included in the recipe?

  • Access to the recipe or class videos for 30 Days -after your first click-
  • Recipe book in PDF format including detailed methods, percentages, and the shelf life of each product. 
  • Tools and equipment list with hyperlinks to the websites where we bought all our utensils. 
  • Digital photo of the product/products made during class.

Recommendations and rules:

  • You will have access to the video for 30 days -after your first click.
  • Please be aware that after 30 days, the video of Jams, spreads and coffee cakes class will no longer be available.
  • All other digital files will be available for 1 year: recipe of Jams, spreads and coffee cakes class book, tools and equipment list and photos.
  • Our On-Demand Recipe Videos are meant to be Demo style, we do not expect students to cook along with us. We feel this is the best way to get the most out of our experience together.