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Passion Fruit and Coconut Molded Bonbon

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Blueberry Lemon Ganache Molded Bonbon

We don't know what it is about these blueberry lemon bonbons, but they always sold out in Chef Melissa's Sunday pop-up shops.

Maybe it's the magenta-colored ganache that breaks away from traditional milk or dark chocolate fillings.

Maybe it's their clean berry and lemony taste that doesn't get overpowered by white chocolate.

Either way, trying them is like opening a door to summer's bright, tangy flavors.

If you prefer less sweet flavors with your chocolate, these have the best of a blueberry lemon pie:

1. A strong focus on freshness.

2. The perfect balance of acidity that we love about the combination between citrus and berries.

Apart from this vibrant ganache, in this 27-minute recipe, you will also perfect the different steps of pre-crystallization, temperature control, and emulsification you need to make stable ganaches using the cold method.

You will also discover how to use your spray gun to create interesting, superposed visual effects in your shells with Chef Melissa's recipe for blue and purple cacao butters.

Make the recipe that stole our shop's clients' hearts (we're sure it'll steal yours too).

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  • How to paint your molded bonbons using a spray gun.
  • How to pre-crystallize your cacao butter colors.
  • How to make your bonbon shells using a continuous tempering machine.
  • How to properly let your shells crystallize.
  • Blueberry Lemon Ganache recipe using our favorite technique: the cold method (plus why it’s important to freeze your shells and use citric acid in the recipe!).
  • How to close your bonbon molds and unmold your pieces.

What is included in the recipe?

    • Recipe book in PDF format including detailed recipe methods, percentages, and the shelf life of each product. 
    • The cacao butter recipes Chef Melissa creates herself to decorate her bonbons.
    • Lifetime access to the recipe or class video.
    • Tools and equipment list with hyperlinks to the websites where we bought all our utensils. 
    • Digital photo of the product/products made during class and a sketch of the recipe.
    • Tested recipes and formulations.
    • Full email and forum support.