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Palmiers by Daniel Álvarez

The quintessential puff pastry recipe, palmiers don't need much to let the buttery perfection of a good laminated dough shine through.

Using just a few ingredients, Chef Daniel Álvarez creates these unassuming and crunchy pastries with his unbeatable inverted puff pastry recipe.

At each step, the dough is coated with a good layer of sugar and cut extra thin to obtain crunchy, caramelized palmiers that bring back bakery classic nostalgia.

Coat them with some chocolate and hazelnuts, or leave them plain, and discover why Chef Dani's dough recipes are said to "move" the masses. Enroll now and perfect this viennoiserie classic!



  • Beurrage
  • Inverted Puff Pastry
  • Assembly

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