Recipe: Stollen with Macerated Dried Fruit and Marzipan Center

42 minutes



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Stollen with Macerated Dried Fruit and Marzipan Center

A German Christmas classic, Stollen is one of those breads whose complexity, aromatic profile, and warming taste make us wonder why we don't eat it more often it!

In this recipe, on top of macerating the bread’s dry fruit, you will make a one-of-a-kind soft marzipan to bring forward each ingredient’s potential and create a Stolen that is just remarkable.

This is an exceptional bread that will make your customers feel celebrated whenever they eat it.

Discover how to make this Stollen with Macerated Dried Fruit and Marzipan Center now!

  • Fruit Mix.
  • Almond Marzipan.
  • Spice Mix.
  • Starter Dough.
  • Stollen Dough.
  • Coating.


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