Francisco Migoya

Guest Chef
Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine and coauthor of Modernist Bread and the forthcoming Modernist Pizza, grew up in Mexico City, immersed in the cultures of his parents: American, Italian, and Spanish. The flavors of his family’s cooking and of his neighborhood were integral to his life, encouraging an early love of cuisine. Chef Migoya’s first calling, however, was art. Before turning his attention to food, Migoya, a self-taught artist, set his sights on art school to study drawing, primarily in pencil, charcoal, and ink. Encouraged by a friend, he acquired a staging position in a Mexico City hotel at age 16. Migoya quickly realized that the kitchen was where he belonged. Francisco Migoya’s geometrical and minimalistic chocolate pieces are a wonder to look at. He combines colors, textures, and flavors achieving sophisticated and exciting creations that engage the senses. In his class, you will learn how to make a variety of bars, tablets and confections with his unique approach to method, technique and creativity. His course will help you go beyond the chocolate bar format so you can tap into the endless possibilities of form, function, flavor, and texture that chocolate has to offer. Chef Migoya will also share his principles for chocolate creativity, assembly, and finishing so you can start reimagining and reinventing the boundaries of chocolate!    
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