Ramon Morató

Cacao Barry's Global Creative Director
Ramon was born in Manlleu, Barcelona into a family with no connections whatsoever to the world of confectionery. After completing his studies, Ramon Morató began his training in a number of different establishments. He combined his studies with numerous courses offered at the school of the Barcelona Provincial Confectioners’ Association. During a period of stages at several of the best Spanish confectioners, he also went to important schools and technical centres such as ZDS Solingen, Germany and the Richard Conseil school in Lyon, France. As the result of these years of work, and his ongoing desire for innovation, he published “RAMON MORATO Chocolate”. It won the Best Cookbook in the World on the subject of Chocolate in 2007 at the distinguished Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. More recently, in December 2016 he published the book “Four in One together” with chefs Raul Bernal, Josep Maria Ribé and Miquel Guarro, on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Chocolate Academy in Barcelona. The possibility of connecting with many professionals in different fields gave him ample knowledge of the craft and helped him to realise his passion for teaching, researching and creating products related with the world of confectionery. In recent years, this has brought him to teach courses, seminars and conferences all over the world, as well as special endeavours such as a collaboration project with Harvard University through the Alicia Foundation. Currently he is Creative Director for the Cacao Barry brand. *Retrieved from:
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